Tucked away in its own private valley in the ancient village of Correns, Miraval covers 500 hectares of land in the heart of Provence. The magnificent Château is set in a cirque surrounded by ancient woods, olive trees, vineyards and abundant water supply. Lush vegetation combines with the beautiful Provençal climate and quality Mediterranean lifestyle to reveal an enchanting oasis.
Miraval’s exclusive valley location embodies an exceptional terroir. Terroir is the expression of the soil, the climate and the history of the land – the essence of the wine. At an altitude of 350 meters the vines are privileged to enjoy warm, sunny days and cool nights, bringing freshness and balance to the wines. The natural clay and chalk soils are important in retaining vital water supply while at the same time draining excess water, contributing to healthy grape maturation.
Miraval sits at the foot of Via Aurelia – an extensive route built to facilitate Roman expansion in the 3rd century BC – representing centuries of history. Following Celtic settlement and Roman occupation, the property served as host to monastic practice and as home to members of the French Court, appearing in the Registry of Noble Houses in the 14th century.
In 1970, the well-known jazz pianist and composer Jacques Loussier took ownership of Miraval, turning it into a recording studio – Le Studio de Miraval. There, a number of famous musicians like Pink Floyd, Sting, Sade, The Cranberries and The Gipsy Kings came to record music. Today, Miraval is a summer residence of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have given impetus to the heart of the estate as a place dedicated to the arts – music, cinema, theatre, local food and fine wine.
The vines are planted in protective terraces. Miraval’s magnificent cascading stone walled terraces have been perfectly restored to their traditional form. The estate is cultivated without using herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals that can enter the vine and affect the evolution of the fruit.
At Miraval, all grapes are carefully hand picked and hand sorted once they have reached desired maturity, ensuring premium selection. Since 2012, the owners of Miraval have partnered with Famille Perrin to help with the viticulture, winemaking and wine distribution. As one of the leading French wine producing families, Famille Perrin is experienced in producing high caliber wines. With investments in the latest winemaking technology and a passion for excellence at every stage of production, Miraval is dedicated to delivering top quality wines of international acclaim.

Is the estate certified organic?

Yes, Chateau Miraval vineyards have been cultivated organically for many years and are certified organic.

Are the wines certified organic?

No. Since the 2012 vintage, we made the decision not to claim an organic status for the wines for two reasons:

– In order to maximize quality, we want to have the flexibility to blend the grapes of the Estate with top quality grapes sourced from other vineyards which are not necessarily certified organic.
– We use a stabilization method (stabilisation tartrique membranaire) which is not homologated as organic in Europe (but is in the USA).

Are the wines 100% estate grown?

No. As mentioned above, we want to have the flexibility to blend the grapes of the Estate with other top quality grapes sourced from vineyards that we can not find on the Estate.

Where are the wines bottled?

The wines are bottled at the Famille Perrin winery where we have installed a state-of-the-art bottling line, which enables us to perfectly control the level of dissolved oxygen added during the bottling – a key qualitative parameter for rosé wines in particular.

Which appellations are produced?

The estate covers more than 600 hectares.

We produce one rosé wine (AOC Côtes de Provence), two white wines (AOC Côtes de Provence and AOC Côteaux Varois en Provence) and one red wine (Vin de France).

Is the bottle engraved?

Yes. Starting with the 2014 vintage, and in order to avoid the risk of counterfeit wines, we engraved the bottle for the rosé.

Do you plant new vineyards?

Yes. Over the last three years, we have conducted several geological studies on the estate which have revealed some outstanding parcels, some of which are outside of the AOC boundaries. We plan to plant these parcels in the future.

Is the Estate open to the public?

No. But all the wines are available in the Famille Perrin tasting room in Aix en Provence (Haut du Cours Mirabeau, 1 place Forbin).